North Country Chorus

Goes to Camp Ogontz

Fourteen happy NCC campers (and a recent alumna) attended the 2017 Ogontz Choral Workshop in July.

The 2018 Ogontz Workshop will take place July 22-28.

In Memoriam

Sir David Willcocks
1919 – 2015

from The Telegraph

from Gramophone

from The Bach Choir

Sir David Willcocks at Camp Ogontz (photos)

We all enjoyed Tim Brown's leadership in 2016.

A record number of NCC folks enjoyed the 2015 symposium let by David Hill!

Listen to Ildebrando Pizzetti's Messa di Requiem (5 separate clips)

Read about it: "Ildebrando Pizzetti's Messa di Requiem: Conservatively Neo-Renaissance yet Distinctly Dramatic"
by Timothy Westerhaus

Chester Book of Motets, The Italian School [Note: "The motets are transcribed into the most practical performing keys, ..." which may be different from the ones in the clips below.]

F. Anerio, Christus Factus Est |CyberBass | YouTube

G.F. Anerio, Requiem Aeternam | | YouTube

G. Croce, O Sacrum Convivium | | YouTube

M.A. Ingegneri, In Monte Oliveti | | YouTube

L. Marenzio, O Rex Gloriae | CyberBass| YouTube

L. Marenzio, Tribus Miraculis | | YouTube

G.P. da Palestrina, Alma Redemptoris | | YouTube

G.P. da Palestrina, Ego Sum Panis Vivus | | YouTube

G.P. da Palestrina, Sicut Cervus |CyberBass | YouTube

G.P. da Palestrina, Super Flumina | | YouTube

F. Soriano, Regina Caeli | | YouTube

L. da Viadana, Exsultate Justi | | YouTube

These happy singers – and two others – attended a week-long choral symposium at Camp Ogontz in 2013, led by David Hill of the Bach Choir in London, and Paula Rockwell of Nova Scotia.

Ten NCC singers attended the David Hill choral symposium at Camp Ogontz in August 2012.
Susan and Mary kept the flowers and vegetables well-watered.
Kathie and Bob enjoy Happy Hour in the green chairs. In the background: Geoff, Bunky, Gary and Debbie.

Anne Arnold came to the North Country with the Harlow Chorus on their USA tour in 1980. When NCC returned the visit to England in 1982, she hosted Claire and Bob Mead, and they became fast friends. In 2012 she finally decided to find out first-hand what Claire and Bob had been raving about all those years. She loved it!

Anne returned to Ogontz in 2013, sadly for the last time. Anne died two months after returning home to London.


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