North Country Chorus

Madrigal Dinner 2007

Behind the Scenes

Mistress of the Scullery Edie Anne checks the supplies.

Maestro Bennini and Lady Clarissa prepare their makeup.

Sir Forster Stande sits in a moment of reflection.

120 bowls of fruit salad each night!

Paul Clemons and George Mitchell dress the hall.

Wench Joan Smith and Page Glenn English are ready to serve you.

Nothing can please this queen – or her court.

It's not easy being an Unmaiden. Just ask Mel.

Maestro Bennini has a word with Troubadour Mario as Sir Forster Stande looks on.

Musical Director Alan Rowe and Celtic harpist Pat Sager plan musical interludes.

Sorceress Sally Sherrard and her son James have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Susan and John Gordon help make sure guests are well fed.

Photos courtesy of Peter Kimball

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