North Country Chorus

Madrigal Dinner 2014 Revisited

The Queen's Play

The kitchen – where all the magic happens

Marguerite and Edie Anne prepare the meat pie.

Cindy, Hannah, Aroline and Daniel grab a few minutes off their feet.

Lots of dishes to wash!


Two guest princesses arrive and are greeted.

Lord Leicester's page helps him dress for the Queen's arrival.

She's here!


Visiting dignitaries from another realm.

What's a Madrigal Dinner without a Boar's Head Ceremony?

Caledonia Early Music Ensemble performs period music.


Sally Sherrard dazzles guests with her magic.

The lighting of the Figgy Pooddyng, a magical moment!
Edie Ann, head cook for 33 years, receives well-deserved applause.

Pyramus and Thisbe

The Prologue is read.

This man, with lantern, dog, and bush of thorn, presenteth Moonshine ...

Two lovers whisper through the chink in the wall.

These lily lips, this cherry nose, these yellow cowslip cheeks, are gone, are gone.


The Queen and Jester enjoy the concert.

Good Night to you all ...

Photos courtesy of Eileen Brown, Monroe, NH

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