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Dues: $35 for the entire 2016-2017 concert year, or $20 per season. Students $5 per season.

Attendance policy: A singer who misses more than three rehearsals in a season is responsible for meeting with Musical Director Alan Rowe to determine their readiness to perform in a concert.

Spring 2018

W.A Mozart - Requiem

YouTube: King's School Chorus and Chamber Orchestra, Canterbury, UK

For learning parts:


Three training levels are available:

  1. An individual part (S, A, T, or B) is sung alone, plus metronome clicks that help to learn the "tempo" and to understand the score.
  2. All the choir parts are present, however the individual part is distinctively emphasized at a higher volume than the others.
  3. All the voices are synthesized at the same volume.

Anthem of Peace by Mark Wilberg

Directions to venues

Why do we sing? a music educator's blog post

John Rutter: The Importance of Choir

Stacy Horn explains why you should sing in a choir!

British rocker Brian Eno weighs in: Singing: The Key To A Long Life

Dr. Katharine DeBoer
Professor Emerita, Director of Vocal Studies
University of Nevada, Reno

Instruction in vocal technique, sight reading, voice rehabilitation

(m) 775-276-3453
PO Box 134, Bradford, VT 05033
Studio: 102 Goshen Rd, Bradford

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CyberBass a helpful website for learning parts – notes, rhythm, how the parts/accompaniment fit together. Not words, phrasing, or dynamics. It's in midi format – electronic, not voice and real instruments – but that's why it's able to download and play quickly (compact, small file size). Click on Major Works.

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